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Sorenson BuzzStickers are the latest way to stay ntouch! Have even more fun communicating by using ASL “stickers” in your text messages to friends and family. Sorenson BuzzStickers for iOS® and Android™ are animated images of ASL signs and expressions that can be sent in a text message or alone as a picture. Examples include “jaw drop” and “I love you.” To send a sticker, start a text message, tap on the sticker and send. It’s that easy!

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BuzzStickers for iOS QuickHelp(PDF)

BuzzStickers for Android QuickHelp (PDF)

Sorenson BuzzCards

Type it. Show it.

Sorenson BuzzCards simplify face-to-face communication with people who don’t know sign language. The app works like a deck of flashcards. Type a message and show it to the person with whom you are communicating. It’s easy and convenient!

BuzzCards let you:

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