Why Choose SVRS?

When you choose Sorenson VRS® (SVRS®), you get the best. Sorenson offers the highest-quality professional interpreters and the broadest range of products, including a free ntouch® VP videophone made specifically for people who are deaf. Sorenson delivers the most technically advanced features, such as SignMail®, Sorenson Video Center, Sorenson myPhone, Sorenson HD and Contact Photos. To top it off, Sorenson provides the most extensive outreach, technical support and education programs in the industry.

Choosing a Default Provider

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires all deaf users to choose a default VRS provider. The choice is yours. By choosing Sorenson, you choose the VRS provider that offers the best products, features and services for deaf communication.

What will my default VRS provider offer?

When you select Sorenson as your default VRS provider, Sorenson will provide you with a local 10-digit number, enhanced 911 service (E911) and the most advanced features available.

Remember the following when choosing a default VRS provider:

  1. You can receive a local 10-digit number from any provider.
  2. You can switch VRS providers at any time and keep your local number. This process is called “porting your number.”
  3. You can make and receive calls through any VRS provider, regardless of whom you have chosen as your default provider. This is called “dial-around” calling.
  4. You can use any videophone regardless of what VRS company you have chosen as your default provider.
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