ntouch VP – the next evolution of SVRS

With the introduction of the ntouch VP, Sorenson has, once again, changed the VRS industry. The ntouch VP has an easy-to-use, deaf-friendly user-interface; a smaller, more adaptable camera; and amazing Sorenson HD video quality. Plus, the Quick Connect button makes it easy to place an SVRS call without a remote. As with all our devices, when you choose Sorenson as your preferred provider, you will have access to the exclusive Sorenson Video Center. ntouch VP – the next evolution of SVRS- makes communication better than ever!

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  • ntouch VP Newest features

    We've just finished making some great improvements to the ntouch VP, Sorenson's newest videophone. Our latest improvements have made the ntouch VP even better than before! Our newest features include:
  • 1-Line Voice Carry Over (VCO)beta
  • New In-Call Audio for point-to-point (P2P) calls

  • ntouch VP Highlights

  • Multiple numbers per contact
  • NAT/Firewall Traversal Solution
  • Sorenson HD
  • Deaf SignMail
  • Improved Contact Search
  • All-New User Interface
  • Block List
  • Spanish VRS
  • Quick Connect button
  • Call Waiting
ntouch VP