SVRS Success Stories

Sorenson VRS® (SVRS®) has revolutionized communication for deaf individuals. View these videos to watch real stories from real customers who share their experiences with SVRS. You'll see how SVRS has dramatically changed their communication—and their lives—for the better!


Matthew’s Showcase

Matthew Baker, founder and owner of the San Diego Feast on This Catering and Special Events, loves giving clients and vendors his local 10-digit number, which indicates he is a local and conducts business nearby.

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Shari’s Showcase

Shari grew up mainstreamed in school and used her voice and read lips to communicate. Now, using ASL and her voice, she frequently uses SVRS with Voice Carry Over (VCO) to connect with family, friends, and co-workers.

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Carmen’s Showcase

Carmen has gained independence in her videophone calling through Sorenson VRS.

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Frank’s Showcase

Frank, the owner of a sports equipment company, uses SVRS with Voice Carry Over (VCO) to transact business with wholesalers across the United States.

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Ryssa’s Showcase

Mainstreamed student Ryssa is a typical teenager. She uses Sorenson VRS to connect with friends and order pizza.

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Rebecca's Showcase

Rebecca is a co-owner of a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store in Los Angeles. She uses her Sorenson VP-200 videophone and SVRS to communicate with employees and customers about special cake orders.

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Tommy’s Showcase

Tommy used Sorenson VRS with Voice Carry Over (VCO) to order an engagement ring for fiancé Kelly.

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Terri’s Showcase

Patients at Chicago's Mount Sinai Hospital are using Sorenson VRS.

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Jordana’s Showcase

Ten-year-old Jordana, a mainstreamed student, places numerous SVRS and SVRS with Voice Carry Over (VCO) videophone (VP) calls a day to friends and relatives.

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Daniel & Alberto

Daniel and Alberto’s Showcase

Daniel and Alberto use trilingual SVRS interpreters (via Sorenson VRS Español) to contact their Spanish-speaking mother in Mexico.

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Alan’s Showcase

Using SVRS with Voice Carry Over (VCO), Alan, a civil engineer, is able to voice directly with vendors, coworkers, and other hearing individuals.

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Christina’s Showcase

Elementary student Christina connects with her grandparents through Sorenson VRS.

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Leon’s Showcase

Educator Leon communicates with his students through Sorenson VRS.

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